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​I have always been involved in sport, and over the years it has played a significant part in my life.
I competed professionally as a show jumper and semi-professional team chaser, but now I use sport as my hobby and help other people to keep up and running as my career choice.

I can often be seen swimming, trail running or cycling both on and off road so I have an appreciation of varying sports and how the body is tasked with each event.


Bsc (Hons) Sports Therapy

Level 4 Sports Massage Diploma

Level 4 PSI (Exercise Instructor) 

Advanced Medical Acupuncture & Dry Needling

Functional Biomechanics of Running - The Running School

Diploma Myofascial Release

I initially studied at the Mctimoney Chiropractic College in Abingdon with a view to training as a chiropractor. However, a lightbulb moment whilst learning to work on the soft tissues gave me a new direction. I qualified in Swedish massage with the Itec Institute, then went on to train in Sports Massage at Loughborough College. I also qualified in Bowen and Myofascial release, and I use all of these techniques during a treatment. 

Following a fascinating period of study on a Bsc Human Bioscience course I completed my degree as a Sports Therapist at the university of Northampton. This gives me the ability to research and treat sports injuries in greater depth. In addition I studied to become an advanced Medical-acupuncture practitioner and running biomechanics coach.



Muscular Pain

Deep tissue/sports massage with stretching can reduce muscle tension, increase blood flow and balance muscle bulk. This does not have to be painful. An experienced therapist will be able to work within your tolerance levels leaving you feeling light of limb and not bruised.

Gait Analysis & Coaching

Runners or walkers can have their gait analysed and corrected to prevent injury or improve technique. anatomical and gait assessment will discover the cause of the recurring injury then a treatment plan and movement correction to reduce the risk of it happening again.

Joints Aches & Stiffness

A graduate therapist can mobilise the joints, also known as articulations, such as an osteopath would do. Joint mobilisations along with muscle release and stretching will help with pain and stiffness throughout the body.

Sensitive to Touch?

Bowen style therapy gently works on the neuromuscular pathways throughout the entire body, after a deeply relaxing treatment the body feels lighter and more supple. An odd but very useful treatment for those that need time away from pain!

Electro-Medical Acupuncture

This technique is medically proven to  help with trigger points and myofascialor muscular pain throughout the body. Tendonitis, arthritis, plantar-fascitisand frozen shoulder are just some of the conditions that have been helped by this technique.


Falls prevention through strength and movement to help our senior society stay independent and strong into later life.

Home visits are available


Jen Disney Sports Therapy Bsc (Hons) 


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Happy Patients

"As a para dressage rider my body takes a battering from hours spent in the saddle. Regular treatment sessions with Jen form a fundamental part of my rehabilitation and healthcare plan. I’d highly recommend Jen’s sports massage service to alleviate muscular aches and pains,"

International Para Dressage Rider - Team GBR World Class Podium Potential Programme

"I have been thrilled with the treatment received. Each week I present with a new niggle/complaint but each week I leave in better nick than I arrived. Jen picks up on my physiological anomalies by eye which is both impressive and disconcerting at the same time! I'll be continuing my treatment as I know I'm in very competent hands"

Age-Group Triathlete

"Having continual treatment with Jenny is amazing, her knowledge of the body is second to none and the benefits that I feel as a result of her work are fantastic allowing me to perform at a high level both on and off the golf course. 
She uses a variety of techniques that I find very useful. I would recommend Jenny to anyone looking to feel their best"

Professional Golfer